Porsche Macan T - Meet Porsche's 4 Door "T"

The new Porsche Macan T - "T" is for Touring...

and it is the first time Porsche has ever designated anything but a 2-door vehicle with the "T" for Touring classification. That means you enjoy a dynamic experience behind the wheel with precise chassis tuning, light engine, and exclusive equipment. The Macan T carries its Porsche name and heritage proudly!

Five Doors, Five Seats, Porsche Macan T is a Five Tool SUV

In baseball terms, a player that does everything extraordinarily well is said to have five tools. That is a near-perfect description for the smaller sibling to the Porsche Cayenne, and means the new Macan T stands in no one's shadow! With its 2 liter, four-cylinder turbocharged engine delivering 195 kW is light on the front axle, allowing it to leap from a standstill, and offering agile cornering. The Macan T is fun to drive, and loves to play!

Macan T-Porsche Inside and Out

Macan T model-specific entities, painted in Agate Grey Metallic, enhance its athletic appearance to match its performance. The interior boasts eight-way Sports seats, with the Black leather package and Sport-Tex Stripe seat center featuring silver contrast stitching on the seats and GT sports steering wheel. Add in the Sport Chrono package and Macan T is the SUV deserving of the Porsche nameplate. 

Porsche Dublin Welcomes the Macan T

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