Columbus Cars and Coffee 14th Season Underway!

The first Columbus Cars and Coffee for 2022 Was Great (and so was the weather!)

There are two kinds of people you'll meet at a Columbus Cars and Coffee event, those who really love cars and... Alright, the people you'll meet at Columbus Cars and Coffee all love cars so you will be right at home, whether you drive up in a killer roadster or supercar or bring the family SUV!

The tradition continues...

Saturday, April 23rd marked the beginning of the 14th season for Columbus Cars and Coffee, and MAG couldn't be any prouder to have hosted the event! Over the years, we have been able to check out some fantastic cars, and talk with friends and fellow aficionados about everything under the hood! Every Columbus Cars and Coffee event always seems to feature some of the friendliest and most knowledgeable vehicle enthusiasts anywhere, along with those of us who want to learn a bit more about cars. That means everyone is welcome, so we hope to see you at more events this year! 

A lot of people + lot of different cars = one good time!

Everyone with Columbus Cars and Coffee, the MAG staff and management, and all the people who brought their rides to the event can tell you how much fun it was, so we all cordially invite you, your families, and friends to meet up at the next Columbus Cars and Coffee. There will be events through the summer and beyond, with MAG hosting  Columbus Cars and Coffee again later this season, so until the next event, we will see you on the road!

"And we all had a real good time"

   Who wouldn't have an amazing time, with perfect weather, and cars of all kinds, all makes, and so many different models, all in one place? That's the best part of Columbus Cars and Coffee, the diversity of people brought together by the commonality of the rubber meeting the road. It was "a real good time" starting off the 2022 season right, and we hope to make the next Columbus Cars and Coffee even better, with you and your family joining us. See you then!