Exotics On Park 2022

Exotics On Park Celebrates 75 Years of Ferrari!

   This year, Exotics on Park is celebrating the 75th anniversary of Ferrari, beginning Friday, August 19th at the Midwestern Auto Group campus, starting point for the Police escorted exotic car parade to the Short North. Then it's the after party at Park Street Cantina! 
   On Saturday, August 20th the participants will gather for the Arthritis Auto Show, one of the Midwest's largest, featuring more than 1000 gorgeous vehicles from across the motoring spectrum, along with music, food and beverages, trophies, prizes and more, with all proceeds benefiting the Arthritis Foundation with the quest to end the pain of arthritis and related ailments.                                          
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The Arthritis Foundation and exotic cars are a great match!

A well-designed and crafted high-performance motor vehicle functions best when all its parts work properly, and in tandem, to provide a wonderful experience when you get behind the wheel. The human body is a phenomenal design as well, and it can do amazing things when healthy. But just as a faulty part can have a drastic effect on how a finely tuned vehicle operates, Arthritis and related diseases can negatively alter the body's capabilities and cause real pain and changes in lifestyle. That is why The Arthritis Foundation's Exotics on Park cruise and show makes perfect sense. We all appreciate the impressive vehicles, and all the hard work and accomplishments of the Arthritis Foundation, as they lead the way toward an end of the aches and pains of so many, allowing them to enjoy their lives to the fullest.

See you August 19th and 20th!

Midwestern Auto group extends our gratitude to fellow Exotics on Park Sponsors, The Medsker Khalaf Group of Wells Frago Investors - Laith Khalaf, Park Street Cantina, all the car owners who will join us for the Police escorted Exotic cruise and Arthritis Foundation Auto Show, and everyone who waves along the way, or joins us for the Auto Show. We also thank the Arthritis Foundation for their tireless efforts to help people with arthritis or related diseases live pain-free lives.