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Special Vehicle Operations - Back to the future

Jaguar Land Rover has announced the formation of the SVR, Special Vehicle Operations, to tackle projects outside the usual scope of engineering and manufacturing. Limited-run vehicles, personalization, heritage vehicles and branded goods will all fall under the control of what is being described as a business within a business. John Edwards, managing director of SVR, explained, "Tata has given us freedom, autonomy and, most importantly, the confidence to do all this."

In case anyone has been living off the grid for a while, Tata Motors, an Indian company, bought Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford in 2008…

2016 Jaguar F-Type Coupe will have all-wheel drive


Jaguar will add an all-wheel-drive variant of the 2016 Jaguar F-Type coupe, the first of many future F-Type variants to come in the future. Making its debut at the 2014 Los Angeles auto show, the all-wheel-drive 2016 Jaguar F-Type has the potential to push the luxury two-seater into new regions and markets.

2016 jaguar f type r coupe awd side Photo 2/22   |   2016 Jaguar F Type R Coupe Awd Side

Jaguar currently offers all-wheel-drive variants of the XF and XJ sedans in?

New crash test aims for safer vehicles.

IIHS news release ? August 14, 2012

New crash test aims to drive improvements

Only 3 of 11 midsize luxury and near-luxury cars evaluated earn good or acceptable ratings in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's new small overlap frontal crash test, the latest addition to a suite of tests designed to help consumers pick the safest vehicles.

The Acura TL and Volvo S60 earn good ratings, while?

Gerald Mckown 2012-05-01T12:10:14Z

My recent visit at your service center was great. I have no complaints at all. Thank you very much.

Beverly Farlow 2012-05-03T07:45:34Z

Excellent service as always!

Is your Club out this weekend?

If you are out and about this weekend with your club, why not tell us what you are doing. My local club here in England, South West Saab, are attending a big classic show organised by Footman James. The Bristol Classic Car Show takes place at the Bath and West showground just outside Shepton Mallet [...]

Volkswagen: Engineers of Emotion

Design that makes you feel cool. Performance that makes you feel energized. Forward-Thinking Technology. That's the Power of German Engineering.
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Acoustic Innovation: e-sound by Audi

Audi's future e-tron models will cover long distances powered by practically silent electric motors. To ensure that pedestrians in urban settings will hear them, the brand has developed a synthetic solution: Audi e-sound.Sound is an especially exciting aspect of a vehicle. Although it can be described in physical terms, there is no substitute for experiencing it firsthand. A car's sound is emotional, not intellectual. Although we consciously register a car's sounds only occasionally while on the road, they are always there -- playing a crucial role in the driving experience. Sounds send signals. Low-range frequencies suggest power and composure, while mid-range frequencies emit sportiness and agility.In a series-production Audi, a combustion engine currently supplies the music. Conversely, the motor in an electric-powered e-tron is not an option, as it is too quiet and its high frequencies are not exactly melodious. Audi's e-tron models will therefore feature a synthetic sound signature. Rudolf Halbmeir teamed up with his colleagues Axel Brombach and Dr. Lars Hinrichsen to create it.The e-sound by Audi may be artificial, but it is authentic. In fact, the e-tron itself generates its sound by the millisecond. Dr. Lars Hinrichsen, the expert for hardware and software, explains: "Data relating to the electric motor's rotational speed, vehicle speed, loads, and other parameters is continuously supplied by the vehicle to the control unit. It then uses this data to generate sound."
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Video showing parts of the Volvo Ocean Race village in Itajai, Brazil.
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